New Night Gilmmer Giveaway

Here’s a great giveaway for Night Glimmer. Check out all the titles.


Great Review of Night Glimmer

Another great review of night glimmer was just posted by S.M. Boyce.

You can find it here: Review

Great review of Night Glimmer at Night Owl Reviews

Laurie-J at Night Owl Reviews just published a review of Night Glimmer. Here is a small excerpt:

Aiden is a rare being, born half vampire, half witch; his supernatural powers were suppressed by means of a complicated spell for his safety and the safety of others when he was just a few days old. When he turns nineteen, the suppression spell finally dissipates, and Aiden discovers that he is a possible lynchpin in an ongoing battle that has raged for eons. Then he meets Tess, a human unlike any he has ever known, and Aiden realizes that no challenge is too great when it comes to protecting Tess and ensuring her safety.

This story began extremely well. It hooked me quickly. Aiden is a fantastically likeable hero who is lucky to have an extended family both supportive and protective of him. I always enjoy the idea of a hidden supernatural society and this story is no exception to that.

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