The Natural of the Supernatural

From Witches and Vampires to Werewolves and Zombies, modern culture is infused with the supernatural. We see these foreboding characters in blockbuster movies, TV shows, as well as books (even mine). Consumer media today is saturated with supernatural themes. And now even advertising has a supernatural twist. Look at this ad/short movie from Mac.

The ad just brims with a supernatural aura.

So for me as a writer, the question becomes why do these themes resonate so much with an audience? What is it about these characters that compel and fascinate us with such vigor?

One partial answer at least from a literary perspective is that these characters and their stories touch a very old and forgotten place within us. Like peering through a window of a long abandoned, moss bound house, they offer us a glimpse of a world beyond our antiseptic, organized, and conveniently automated existence.

These creatures inhabit a world brimming with the unknown. They are mysterious, unscientific, chaotic. They live in a world driven by passion. Not the passion of the petty thief or greedy banker but the wild and intimate passions of hunger and thirst. Through them we remember some inexplicable connection to the natural world with its unfathomable forces and invisible drives. Through them we can feel again that slight breeze of enchantment reminding us of a time when the world was more than just one big machine.

Their world of claws and fangs, of blood and spit, of shrieks and screams devours our ipads, bottled water and designer ringtones. These creatures don’t cut you off in traffic, take your parking place at the mall or disturb your evening trying to sell you water softeners; THEY EAT YOU ALIVE.

It’s no wonder that we flock to these movies and read these books. Our day to day black and white existence is no match for their riot of color. While we wait to get our drivers license, they are howling at the moon.

In the end compared to them, perhaps we are the inhuman ones.


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Just a guy who's curious about the world and sometimes writes about it.

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